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Best Padel Rackets for 2022

Check out our expert selections for the best value and performance Padel rackets for the coming year.

Dunlop Aero-Star

Adidas RX 300

Tecnifibre Wall Master 375

Head Delta Pro

Drop Shot Kiwoko

Are you struggling to choose the best padel racket? Our team of padel experts have picked the top five padel rackets of 2022 to help you to find the most suitable padel racket for your level and style of play. Why not check our latest version, the Best Padel Rackets for 2023.

Whether you're new to padel or an experienced player, we've made it easy for you to find the perfect racket for your next game!

1. Drop Shot Kiwoko

Easy racket to use, making it great for getting into padel!

  • Weight: 350g
  • Balance: Head Light

If you're just starting to play brilliant sport of Padel, the Drop Shot Kiwoko Padel Racket is a great first choice. It has a large round head shape designed to help you improve your technique and get a clean feel off every shot. It is made with EVA Soft Foam to reduce vibrations so you can play without disruption. A bestseller at 

“This racket feels comfortable to use and is my top pick for anyone just getting into this fantastic sport! The price is also great!”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for reasonably-priced racket designed for beginners and improvers which is easy to use.
Reasons not to buy: You're a more advanced padel player looking for a higher spec racket to match your developing skills! Check out the Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 Padel Racket for increased precision. 

PDH Offer
£69.99  £110.00

2. Adidas RX 300

Lightweight design for easy manoeuvrability!

  • Weight: 360-375g
  • Balance: Even

The Adidas RX 300 is the perfect racket choice for the intermediate player looking for an all round racket which is fast through the air. With Adidias's Structural Reinforcement technology this racket has a solid hitting feel which will enable you to develop greater precision on your shots. The even balance allows you to move quickly around the court but still hit those winning power shots when needed. Other rackets in the range worth checking out include the Adidas RX 100 which is designed for a player looking for easier playability and the Adidas RX 200 Light which is a lightweight model designed for quick play. 

“This racket feels really easy to use, making it ideal for someone looking to improve their padel!”

Reasons to buy: You're an improving player looking for a topselling racket!
Reasons not to buy: You're looking for heavier racket to help generate more power. Why not check out the Adidas Adipower Control 3.1 which has increased stability to allow you to hit with maximum power. 

PDH Offer
£90.00  £140.00

3. Head Delta Pro

Winning performance every time!

  • Weight: 375g
  • Balance: Head Heavy

The Head Delta Pro is designed for advanced players looking for the perfect mix of sensational feel and power. With the latest Auxetic technology, this racket offers a great hitting feel plus the diamond head shape and head heavy balance which will help you to generate maximum power. 

“If looking for a power racket this racket is a great choice, feel great when you connect in the centre. Best suited to a stronger player"

Reasons to buy: You're looking to add both power and precision to your shots and you're happy to pay for the most advanced technologies.
Reasons not to buy: There are other all round rackets on the market which suit your budget better.

PDH Offer
£181.99 £260.00

4. Dunlop Aero-Star

Great power for the advanced player!

  • Weight: 365g
  • Balance: Even

Do you need more power? Designed to give maximum performance on court, the Dunlop Aero-Stayr is a great choice for the big hitting, advanced players. The revolutionary hole pattern with varying diameters offer maximum power on all your shots, whilst the Tri-Clamp provides additional stability. Make sure to check out the other models in the Aero-Star range: Aero-Star Pro - heavier weight for the ultimate power, Aero-Star Lite - great manoeuvrability from a lighter frame weight and the Aero-Star Team for a great, all round feel. 

“This racket feels soft on every shot but still allows you to hit with great power!”

Reasons to buy: You're an advanced player looking for a high power racket!
Reasons not to buy: You're a beginner looking for your first racket.

PDH Offer
£139.99 £230.00

5. Tecnifibre Wall Master 375

A great choice for the precision player!

  • Weight: 375g
  • Balance: Head Heavy

With a round head shape design, the Technifibre Wall Master 375 offers incredible precision and control. This racket has a heavier frame weight which still allows you to hit with devasting power. The Spin Skin 3D texture also offers superb spin potential and improved vibration dampening. This racket is also available in a lighter weight (Tecnifibre Wall Master 365) for increased manoeuvrability. 

“For me this is one of the best precision rackets in our line up for 2022!”

Reasons to buy: You like to play a control-based game and are looking for a racket to match. 
Reasons not to buy: You're new to the game and looking for an all round racket to help develop your game. Check out the versatile Tecnifibre Wall Breaker 360.    

PDH Offer
£159.99 £200.00

Prices may vary from the time of publication.

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30 March 2022

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