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Five reasons to take up pickleball

Five reasons to take up pickleball The  UK's newest racket sport is gaining fans fast - find out why you should be an early adopter of this fast-paced, fun and fitness-friendly sport.  

1. It's easy to pick up pickleball

The name might be a bit of a tongue-twiser, but the rules are pretty simple. The equipment is easy to handle and the game has similarities with badminton, racketball, tennis, table tennis and even volleyball. So, there's likely to be an element of familiarity for many players. You don't need much equipment to get started and you can play on existing badminton or tennis courts.

2. You can play with friends and family of all ages and abilities
The pickleball court is fairly small and the emphasis is on fun, which means younger and older players can enjoy a satisfying game. Hard bats with short handles and the wiffle balls are as easy for kids to get to grips with as older players. A casual knoackabout works as well as a hard-fought family tournament!

3. It's a new way to satisfy your passion for racket sports

If you love tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis or racketball and you still want more, pickleball can feed your addiction! Racket sport enthusiasts will want to be among the early adopters of this fast-growing sport, which expanded by over 600% in the USA alone last year. You heard it here first... 

4. It's great for fitness and agility
Playing in a space just one third the size of a tennis court challenges your ability to stop, turn and rebalance rapidly. Staying out of the non-volley zone (or "kitchen") requires quick reactrions and deft play. With games typically lasting 15 minutes, you can give it your all with a burst of heart-pumping energy - rinse and repeat if you want to work out even harder and for longer.

5. Strategy beats brute and strength

Fitness and strength aren't everything in pickleball. A cunning strategist who can think fast about shot selection and placement will be able to overpower a brutal server and smasher. Seasoned players liken a competitive match to a chess game - it's a great combination of physical and mental skill. 

Fancy a game of pickleball? You'll find this a useful summary of how to play, what equipment you need and where to find a court. 

23 October 2020

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