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Best Pickleball Paddles for 2022

Check out our expert selections for the best value and performance Pickleball paddles for the coming year.

Head Radical Tour

Head Extreme Tour Lite

Head Gravity

Gamma Micron 2.0

Are you struggling to choose the best pickleball paddle? Our team of pickleball experts have picked the top five pickleball rackets of 2022 to help you to find the most suitable pickleball racket for your level and style of play.

Whether you're new to pickleball or an experienced player, we've made it easy for you to find the perfect racket for your next game!

1. Gamma Micron 2.0

Easy racket to use, making it great for getting into pickleball!

  • Weight: 224g

If you're just starting to play pickleball, the Gamma Micron 2.0 is a great first paddle choice. It has a textured fibreglass face to offer a great hittting feel and enhance spin potential, whilst having a larger head size to make it easier to use. This racket is also a great choice for junior players as it has a smaller grip size.  

“This racket feels comfortable to use and is my top pick for anyone just getting into this fantastic sport. The price is also great!”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for reasonably-priced racket designed for beginners and improvers which is easy to use.
Reasons not to buy: You're a more advanced padel player looking for a higher spec racket to match your developing skills! Check out the Gamma Shard for an even more responsive feel. 

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£53.99  £60.00

2. Gamma RZR

Textured surface for enhanced feel and spin!

  • Weight: 215g

The Gamma RZR pickleball paddle is our go to recommendation for intermediate players. It uses Gamma's Sensa Poly Core Technology to provide a greater hitting feel and improved power, whilst the Textured graphite surface helps you generate extra spin. At 215 grams this racket is lightweight so it's easy to manoeuvre around the court and help you refine your technique. This paddle is also available in an alternative colourway: Gamma RZR Pink.

“I absolutely love the look of this racket and it performs equally well. Intermediate players will not go wrong with this choice!”

Reasons to buy: You're an improving player looking for a topselling lightweight paddle!
Reasons not to buy: You're an advanced pickleball player looking for the ultimate playing experience. Check out the Gamma Typhoon

PDH Offer
£105.99  £125.00

3. Head Gravity

Massive sweet spot for a softer impact feel!

  • Weight: 230g

The massive sweet spot on the Head Gravity paddle creates incredible power with a softer impact feel. The Hybrid Hitting Surface offers a combination of comfort and control to create an all-round playing experience. With all Head's premium technologies this racket is perfect for advanced players. 

“If you're looking for a high power racket, the Head Gravity is the perfect choice."

Reasons to buy: You're looking to add power to your game and you're happy to pay for the most advanced technologies.
Reasons not to buy: There are other all round rackets on the market which suit your budget better.

PDH Offer
£119.95 £135.00

4. Head Radical Tour

Reduced vibrations from the latest technologies!

  • Weight: 225g

Do you need more power? Designed to give maximum performance on court, the Head Radical Tour is a great choice for the big hitting, advanced players. The Graphite Hitting Surface (GHS) offers a crisp feel and more control, whilst the Comfort Grip System reduces vibrations allows you to play harder for longer. 

“This paddle offers incredible power without lacking feel and touch”

Reasons to buy: You're an advanced player looking for a high power racket!
Reasons not to buy: You're a beginner looking for your first racket.

PDH Offer
£94.49 £105.00

5. Head Extreme Tour Lite

A great choice for the precision player!

  • Weight: 205g

With a reduced head weight, the Head Extreme Tour Lite paddle is designed for ultimate control with its Diamond shape. Featuring a honeycomb polymer core this racket offers great playability, whilst the Extreme Spin technology allows for great feel and touch. 

“This paddle is perfect for hitting accurate dinking shots!”

Reasons to buy: You like to play a control-based game and are looking for a paddle to match. 
Reasons not to buy: You're new to the game and looking for an all round racket to help develop your game. Check out the Head Spark Elite V3.  

PDH Offer
£94.49 £105.00

Prices may vary from the time of publication.

7 April 2022

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