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How to choose the best tennis, squash or badminton bag

How to choose the best tennis, squash or badminton bag

A racket bag can make a great gift for tennis, squash or badminton fan and we often get asked for advice about the best bags, especially in the run up to Christmas. In this article we look at some of the key things which you should consider when choosing a tennis, squash or badminton bag.

The most important consideration is probably the size of the bag to go for. Bags vary hugely in size from simple backpacks through to large ‘Monstercombi’ or 12-15 Racketbags.

Backpacks or three racket bags are great for juniors/recreational players or for anyone who wants to travel light. Some of the latest tennis backpacks have separate racket compartments with zip covers which protect the racket handle. Check that the backpack you choose will fit your racket as some backpacks are designed for junior rackets only eg the Babolat Boy and Girl Club Line Backpack.

At the other end of the spectrum, 12-15 racket bags are most suited to competitive or more serious players who carry several rackets plus kit to the courts or who need a bag which is suitable for travel. These are the types of bag you will see the professional players using.

Our most popular bags are six racket bags and nine racket bags which generally have two or three main compartments for rackets plus kit. These are designed with the regular club players and will suit most people.

Traditional ‘holdall’ style sports bags are also still available eg Salming’s Pro Tour Duffel Bag.

- Additional features which you may want to look out for include: - Backpack style carrying system. Many six+ racket bags have padded, adjustable backpack-style handles as well as fixed ‘grab’ handles, making it easier to carry the bag without back strain.

- Accessory pockets/separate shoe/wet kit compartments or removable bags. These make it easy to keep your equipment well-organised. Some bags have excellent sport-specific compartments eg the Tecnifibre Absolute Bag range includes features such as a squash ball holder and pocket designed specifically for protective eyewear.

- Insulated compartments. All the top brands have incorporated insulated compartments into some of their premium bags. Look out for HEAD’s CCT (Climate Control Technology) and Wilson’s ‘Moistureguard’ and ‘Thermoguard’. High performance bags may have at least one compartment which is insulated to protect your rackets and strings from moisture and extreme temperature changes, thus prolonging the life of your racket sports equipment.

If you would like any further advice on choosing the best squash, tennis or badminton bag, please drop us a line.

4 November 2015


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