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Summer 2012 Squash Shoe Launches at PDH

Alongside the new Hi-Tec squash shoe which we blogged about before we've got lots of other exciting new indoor court shoe launches coming soon - so don't panic if we haven't got your shoe size in stock at the moment, we're just waiting for the new arrivals and you could be the first to get your hands on the latest ranges. New ASICS and Adidas shoes will be first to land in store in June - we'll be showing these on the website shortly. ASICS have dropped the Gel Blast in the UK and this shoe will be replaced by the top of the range Gel Progressive which is specifically designed for squash, racketball and badminton. This shoe will be available in red/black and white/gold/charcoal. There's also an all new Gel Beyond - the name is back but the shoe is new! Plus we'll be stocking the latest improved Gel Rocket - Gel Rocket 6 - in three colourways:
  • blue/ neon orange /silver
  • silver / black/ neon yellow; and
  • silver/blue/white.
(We'll show some pics as soon as we can!) There is also a new top of range Ladies' Gel Beyond and a Ladies' Gel Rocket 6 in two great colourways..... In Adidas we'll have the AdiPower Stabil 10, Court Stabil 10, Essence 10 and Court Stabil 2 Junior. More soon on blog and facebook...or keep an eye on all the indoor court shoe ranges here

10 May 2012

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