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Which squash ball should you use?

Which squash ball should you use?

Squash balls are unique in that they need hitting for a few minutes until they ‘warm up’. Choose the right ball for your level so that the ball stays warm and lively during play and move up to the next grade of squash ball as your game develops.

Dunlop are the most recognised brand for squash balls. They now make four different types of squash ball:

1. Pro (double yellow dot)

This is the official ball of the World Squash Federation, Professional Squash association and Women’s International Squash Players Association. It is the only ball used in international professional play. It is most suitable for professional, tournament and good club players.

2. Competition (single yellow dot)

This ball is designed for club players or for use on very cool courts and is the same standard size as the Pro but has a 10% longer ‘hang time’ (ie is 10% slower).

3. Progress.

This squash ball is aimed at improvers and occasional or recreational players. It is 6% larger than the standard size Pro and Competition squash balls and has a 20% longer ‘hang time’ than the Pro squash ball. It is ideal for players looking to develop their technique as it is livelier and doesn’t require the player to hit the ball as hard to retain bounce.

4. Intro (formerly Max).

The Intro or Max squash ball is for beginners and is 12% larger than the standard size squash ball. It has a 40% longer ‘hang time’ than the Pro ball, making it ideal for those who are new to the game of squash.

For more information, watch our video on the different types of squash ball :

12 July 2013

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