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Which squash racket does Ramy Ashour use?

Which squash racket does Ramy Ashour use?

It's one of our fastest selling rackets: the Prince Airstick 130, now available in the black/gold cosmetic as used by the current World no.1.

Ramy Ashour uses the Prince Airstick 130 squash racket, having officially returned to the Prince fold after leaving Dunlop in February 2013. He had already reverted to using the Airstick at the Tournament of Champions in New York in January 2013. He won the tournament. 

The Airstick features Prince's highly successful Triple Threat Technology, a unique weight distribution system which uses carbon-copper-titanium in three areas of the racket with the aim of improving racket head stability and creating a larger sweetspot. It's a tried and tested technology which was introduced to Prince squash rackets back in 2000.  

The Power Ring stringing system, which has also been used in Prince rackets for many years (it was first patented in 1997) creates longer main strings of uniform length for extra power across the whole string bed.

Interviewed for the latest edition of Squash Player Magazine the World no.1 says "This racket in particular suits me best...The Airstick helps me play the shot I imagine in my head"*

Click here to view Ramy's racket.

UPDATE: From Spring 2014, Ramy Ashour will be using the new Prince Pro Beast 750 PB (PowerBite) with a new stringing pattern. Click here to see the PDHSports review of Ramy's new racket. This racket will be available fro m PDHSports shortly. 


*Source: Squash Player Magazine 2013 Issue 4 International Edition

19 August 2013


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