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The best squash racket for hitting the ball hard

The best squash racket for hitting the ball hard

We've been on court with rackets and the speed gun this morning. Cameron Pilley holds the record for the fastest squash ball at 175mph but rather than go for the record we tested 13 bestselling rackets with the speedgun to see which one we could hit the ball the fastest with. Each racket was used to hit the ball ten times usind a Dunlop Pro squash ball and we picked the best recorded score. 

You can check out the video on our YouTube channel here but here are the full results of our test:

1. HEAD Graphene Cyano 135 - 144mph

2. Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 - 141mph

3. Black Knight Element PSX - 137mph

4. Dunlop Biomimetic Revelation 135 - 136mph

=5. HEAD Graphene Xenon 145 - 135mph

=5. Prince Pro Beast 750 - 135mph

7. Karakal Tec Gel 120 - 133mph

8. Prince EX03 Pro Rebel 950 - 131mph

9. Harrow Custom Spark - 123mph

10. Tecnifibre Suprem 130 - 119mph

11. Wilson Whip 145 - 112 mph

12. Dunlop Evolution 130 - 109 mph

13. Head Graphene Xenon 135 - 105mph

Average speeds were as follows:

Dunlop Biomimetic Revelation 120mph

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 118mph

HEAD Graphene Cyano 135 113mph

Karakal Tec Gel 120 112mph

Prince Pro Beast 750 112mph

Tecnifibre Suprem 130 112mph

Black Knight Element PSX 111mph

Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 111mph

Wilson Whip 145 110mph

Prince Pro Rebel 107mph

Harrow Custom Spark 106mph

HEAD Graphene Xenon 145 101mph

HEAD Graphene Xenon 135 94mph

The test reminded us of a few other things:

Classic headshape rackets aren't necessarily less powerful, although they do have a smaller sweetspot so you may not consistently hit the ball as hard as you would with a teardrop-shape racket unless you are an experienced player.

It's much easier to generate power from a lighter/head-light squash racket if you are a more experienced player. 

Please add your comments to the blog or our YouTube video!

31 October 2014


  • Ivan C 4 November 2014
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    Hi, could you also post the average ball speed for each of the rackets. Cheers, Ivan

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