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More about Eye Rackets:Interview with UK CEO Sam Miller

More about Eye Rackets:Interview with UK CEO Sam Miller

Fast-proving themselves to be one of the new forces in squash, Eye Rackets claim to offer "some of the nicest balanced rackets you'll ever play with". Eye Rackets pride themselves on developing and testing their products with top pro players including 4x world champion Amr Shabana, Borja Golan and Mazen Hesham. CEO Sam Miller is also an ex-pro player and one of the Directors is ex-pro and Squash TV star Joey Barrington.

We caught up with Eye Rackets UK CEO for a quick chat.

Where did the name come from?

The name was a reference to the ‘third’ eye (eye of insight).  Using the racket would give you a third ‘eye’ and a clear advantage over your opponent.

2. What's special or unique about Eye Rackets?

All of our products are developed and tested by pros.  This is important as it means all our pros use the exact racket that the customer buys. Shabana's rackets are from the same batch as those sent to our distributors to sell on to every day players.

The lack of bumper strip reduces the weight in the head and creates incredible balance.  It makes the racket head fast through the air and enables a much smaller back-swing; helping with delay and volleys around the middle.

3. Which is your favourite Eye Rackets racket and why?

 We like all of the Control range in the UK.  Of the 4 staff we use the XL110C, XL120C, VL120C and VL115C.  As an ex-pro, I truly feel I could have played with any of the 8 Control rackets in our range.

4. What types of things are you doing to fulfil your promise to support the game of squash at grass roots level?

We offer a guaranteed partial sponsorship to any junior who sits in the top 5 in their county. Keeping kids in the game from the ages of 10-16 is crucial to ensure they are still playing as adults. The sponsorship is aimed to give them a sense of belonging and to show that they are valued by the sport. Getting adult participation levels up is crucial to Sport England funding and a future entry to the Olympic Games!

We provide special rates on prizes, clothing and balls to all counties.  Supporting regional leagues and county closed events helps us give something back to a sport that has given so much.

Eye on Squash is our long-term commitment to providing sponsorship monies to grass-roots squash.  We gave away over £2000 earlier this year and aim to increase this as we continue to grow.

5. What are your future plans for the brand?

Eye International are developing a whole host of products.  In the short/medium-term you will see three new clothing ranges, a new luggage range (first fully waterproof racket bag) and footwear.  In the longer term you can expect to see Eye launching Tennis, Racketball and Badminton ranges.

The current Eye Rackets range now includes squash rackets, squash balls (in five different speeds), luggage, strings, clothing and protective eyewear. We are delighted to be one of the first stockists of Eye Rackets in the UK. To view all Eye Rackets products currently in store at click here

6 October 2015


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