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Introduction to the Racketware Squash Sensor

Introduction to the Racketware Squash Sensor
Introducing Racketware Squash Sensor, perfect for any squash player wanting to improve their game. Simply attach the sensor to the bottom of your racket during practise or a match to get stats about your game. The sensor can help perfect your swing, discover strengths and weaknesses and help you set personalised monthly goals. Available now at

Features include: 

Match Stats: All the stats relating to your fitness and skill created automatically for all of your matches. How many shots you played, average number of shots per rally, longest rally, racket prep, accurate calories burned, total rally time, match pace, and many more. 

Personal Bests: Keep track of your progress with a full stack of personal bests. 

Achievements: Track you lifetime totals and achievements: see how many trophies you can collect! 

Challenges: Keep motivated with a set of personalised monthly challenges that keep you on an upward trend.

Match Notes: Make notes of who you played, when and where, what the score was. Keep and browse these next time you play. 

Live Mode: Get instant shot by shot feedback for your on-court practice sessions. Focus on any aspect of your swing and get the data: from racket prep to follow through. 

Learn from a Pro: Compare your swing to that of a pro; see the differences in our unique radar chart. Ten different swing factors compared for twenty different shot types: with in-app video of pro swings to emulate.

Audio Coach: Pop in a set of earphones, and turn on the audio coach to get four different types of audio feedback shot by shot direct to your ear. 

Winners and Losers: Get a breakdown of your winning and losing shots - we figure this out by looking at who serves each rally.

4 March 2020

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