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Which size junior tennis racket should you buy?

Which size junior tennis racket should you buy?

If you're looking to buy a junior tennis racket for Christmas 2014, take a look at our guide to choosing the correct size and type of racket. Junior tennis rackets are made in different lengths so that they are appropriate for the age and strength of the child.

You need to choose the correct racket for the height of your child. Sadly there is no advantage in choosing a bigger racket in the hope that the child will 'grow into it'. A racket which is too long is likely to be too cumbersome and the child will not be able to develop their strokes correctly or get maximum enjoyment from the game. 

Junior tennis rackets start at 17" and go up to 26" in length (A full size tennis racket is usually 27").

Junior tennis rackets can be made from aluminium at the lower price bracket, fusion construction (mid price point) or graphite (top price levels). 

Here is a general guide to choosing the correct size junior tennis racket

Age 11-12 / Height 142cm - 157.5cm (4ft 8 - 5ft 2) Choose a 26 or 26.5" racket

Age 10 -11 / Height 142cm - 157.5cm (4ft 8 - 5ft 2) Choose a 26" racket

Age 8 -10 / Height 132cm - 142cm (4ft 4 - 4ft 8) Choose a 25" racket

Age 6 - 8 / Height 119cm - 132cm (3ft 11 - 4ft 4) Choose a 23" racket

Age 6 & under / Height under 119cm (3ft 11) Choose a 17" - 21" racket

For a younger beginner it is best to choose an aluminium frame - we have lots of well-priced rackets to suit this level of player as they are just starting to get into the game of tennis. Larger aluminium rackets are also available to suit older children, although it is often better to choose a fusion racket for an older beginner (age 9+) as their swing length will be longer and they will be more powerful hence need a stronger racket which will not distort.

Intermediate to advanced players will need fusion or full graphite rackets. These frames are lighter yet much stronger and will suit the needs of a developing player and many replicate the cosmetics and construction of the full size racket ranges. 

If you would like any more advice on selecting the right junior tennis racket for your child, please feel free to contact us on 01332 843139.

10 November 2014


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