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Babolat PLAY, Sony Smart Sensor and Babolat POP

Babolat PLAY, Sony Smart Sensor and Babolat POP

Gadgets are now a key part of any sport including golf, running, swimming, cycling and now, finally, tennis.

The future of tennis is clearly ‘connected’. Babolat's PLAY tennis rackets are 'connected' versions of their premium rackets with sensors within the racket handles. The sensors track many aspects of your game and allow you to compare results with friends and Babolat PLAY users worldwide. Data from the racket can be uploaded to your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Earlier this year we also saw the launch of the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, a tiny module that fits onto the end of your tennis racket, and keeps track of your playing performance. The sensor itself is just over 3cm wide and weighs a mere 8g. It's packed full of sensing mechanics, including vibration analysis tech that evaluates tennis data, like how many shots you've taken, whereabouts on the racket the ball made contact and the speed of your swing. Sony's gadget also identifies and record different types of tactical tennis manoeuvres, including topspin forehand, slice forehand, volley forehand, topspin backhand, slice backhand, volley backhand, smash, and attacking serves.

The sensor is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets, communicating with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The app can be used to show you visualisations of your swings, and facts about individual shots. Up to 12,000 shots can be logged to the sensor's internal storage.

Sony’s Smart Sensor is compatible with selected Wilson, Prince, HEAD and Yonex rackets.

Following hot on the heels of the Sony gadget and launching online in the UK on 1 December, is the new Babolat Pop us the first tennis-specific wearable device.

This latest addition to the connected tennis market is a sensor which you attach to a wristband worn on your dominant wrist. Babolat POP allows you to track your performance in a ‘PIQ score’ which combines your swing speed, spin and style. One great feature is the Challenge which allows you to compete against your friends worldwide. The Activity tracker also gives you a global ranking against other POP users. The Babolat POP is simpler than both the Sony Smart Sensor and the Babolat PLAY rackets and doesn’t provide the same detailed data (hence the price difference) but the fact that this device is compatible with any racket means everyone can use it for a relatively small outlay.

We think it’s destined to be a hit and the ideal Christmas present for tennis fans everywhere! We’re just left wondering how long before we’ll be able to talk about connected squash, connected badminton and connected racketball….

5 November 2015

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