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pdhsports Ultimate Top 5 Tennis Rackets's tennis expert Sophie Brealey picks her Ultimate Top 5 Tennis Rackets. Whether you're new to the game or you've been playing for years, we've narrowed down an Ultimate Top 5 of tennis rackets for all players to help make your decision a little bit easier.
Choose with confidence knowing that these rackets are loved by our customers and used by the team at My recommendations explain briefly what makes each racket suitable for different playing styles. 
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1. Best-selling: Babolat Pure Aero
Rafa Nadal's iconic Pure Aero range, designed to put ultimate spin on the ball. Designed with Nadal in mind, the Aero was created in 2003 and since then been in the hands of many title winners. The aerodynamic frame design helps this racket cut through the air quicker, and the new Cortex Pure Feel technology dampens vibrations for a great playing experince.
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2. Best all-rounder: Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP
The Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP is ideal for all-round play. It has a thinner beam width and a large headsize to offer both control and power. Recommended by Novak Djokovic, this racket features a range of innovative technologies for an even more solid feel. 
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3. Best for control: Wilson Blade 98S V7.0
The most popular tennis range used by Pros: 12 of the top 100 men's singles players use the Wilson Blade 98 V7.0. The Blade range is known for its smaller head size (98in2) for increased control. It uses Parallel Drilling to provide a consistent and more forgiving string bed. The Blade 98S is the only model in the Blade range which uses Spin Effect technology (a 18x16 stringing pattern) to increase spin potential. The chosen racket of linked coach Oli Storr. 
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Best for power: Babolat Pure Drive
The 10th edition of the iconic Babolat Pure Drive brings explosive power to every player. This is the racket Kim Clijsters used to win four Grand Slam titles. The new 2021 model has all the benefits of the 2018 model with improvements everyone can feel, including SMACWRAP which reduces vibrations without impairing the frame's mechanical properties. 
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5. Best for spin: Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP
The latest release from Head, this racket uses Graphene 360+ technology for better energy transfer from racket to ball. It's designed with spin players in mind, featuring an aerodynamic frame design and unique grommets which allow the string bed to move more and generate for spin on the ball. Paul Hargrave at plays with this racket.  
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Sophie's choice: "It's a tough decision between these great rackets, but I choose to play with the Babolat Pure Drive because of the extra power it helps me produce. Coming from a badminton background I feel it helps me get the ball back to the baseline more easily whilst still being able to be quick with my volleys"

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1 October 2020

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