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How to choose a junior tennis racket

A guide to selecting the correct junior tennis racket for your child

With so many junior tennis rackets on the market, sometimes we all need a bit of help in finding the right one, so our tennis experts have put together this helpful guide to choosing the right junior tennis racket.
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1. Length of racket

The first thing to think about when choosing a junior tennis racket is the length of the frame.

Here is the general guide to choosing the correct size junior tennis racket depending on the height and age of your child.

Age 10 + / Height 140cm-150cm - Choose a 26" racket

Age 8 -10 / Height 130cm - 140cm - Choose a 25" racket

Age 6 - 8 / Height 120cm - 130cm - Choose a 23" racket

Age 4 - 6 / Height 105cm-120cm - Choose a 21" racket

Age 4 and under / Height 90cm - 105cm - Choose a 19" racket / Height Up to 90cm - Choose a 17" racket

2. Racket construction

The other key consideration when picking a junior tennis racket is the construction. Entry level rackets are made of aluminium and are perfect for beginners and young children. Children can move on to graphite composite frames which will offer more power and control than an aluminium frame and more flexibility and forgiveness than a full graphite frame. Full graphite frames are suited to more advanced juniors and offer power, control and more spin potential as a player develops.

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Rob Salmon is a Derbyshire based tennis coach who is passionate about introducing people to the brilliant sport of tennis. Rob firmly believes that tennis can bring people happiness, life skills and friendship. In addition to coaching in schools, at County Coaching and at Church Broughton Tennis Club, Rob presents the My Tennis Journey podcast.

9 March 2021

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