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Top 10 Tennis Rackets for 2021

With many people taking up tennis in 2021 after a difficult 2020, here at we have selected our updated Top 10 Tennis rackets for 2021. 

1. Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP - £129.99 (RRP £170)
The latest release from Head, this racket uses Graphene 360+ technology for better energy transfer from racket to ball. It's designed with spin players in mind, featuring an aerodynamic frame design and unique grommets which allow the string bed to move more and generate for spin on the ball. Weight: 300g
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2. Babolat Pure Aero - £159.95 (RRP £220)
 Aerodynamic frame shape to cuts through the air quicker and an open stringing pattern allows for ultimate spin potential. Cortex Pure Feel technology to reduce vibrations. Ideal for advanced players who put lots of spin on the ball. Weight: 300g
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3. Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Lite 2021 - £135.99 (RRP £160)
Perfect for the advancing junior or club player. Lightest in the range for a quicker swing speed and manoeuvrability around the court. Large head size to increase the sweetspot to create a forgiving and easy to use racket. Weight: 270g
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4. Head Ti S6 - £74.99 (RRP £140)
Head’s bestselling racket! Popular with older generation due to its extreme light weight making it very manoeuvrable. Large head size and open stringing pattern to increase power. Ti technology to increase the stiffness of the frame without increasing the weight. Weight: 225g
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5. Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18x20 2021 - £178.49 (RRP £210)
Designed for big hitters. Using Sonic Core technology to reduce vibrations by up tp 37%, provides a more comfortable playing experience. The 18x20 stringing pattern offers great control to keep to ball in court on the big shots, but also available in the 16x19 stringing pattern for that extra power. Weight: 315 grams. 
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6. Babolat Pure Strike Team - £134.99 (RRP £180)
 Thin beam width for increased control. Perfect for the club players at 285grams with a head light balance. C2 Pure Feel technology to reduce vibrations. Weight: 285g 
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7. Head Graphene 360+ Speed S - £125.95 (RRP £180)
Great for club players who want a lighter weight racket for manoeuvrability without lacking power. Graphene 360+ technology for an enhanced flex and clean impact feel. Weight: 285g 
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8. Tecnifibre T-Fight 295 RS - £147.99 (RRP £175)
 Ideal for the advanced player looking for a powerful racket with great manoeuvrability. The RS Section frame design reduces twisting in the frame, for increased stiffnes which helps to generate more power and precision.  Weight: 295g
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9. Babolat Evo Drive 2021 - £118.99 (RRP £140)
Perfect for players looking to improve their game. Features at 16x17 stringing pattern and a 104sq. in headize to provide the ultimate power, whilst the Woofer system helps to control and ball and offer great arm comfort. Weight: 270g
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10. Wilson Clash 100L - £151.99 (RRP £190)
Great manoeuvrability and power from a lighter frame weight and thicker beam width. Designed for the club player looking for an easy on the arm racket with extra power. Weight: 280g
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Prices may vary from the time of publication.

15 April 2021

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