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Choosing the correct shuttlecock can be key to improving your game. Shuttlecocks can be synthetic or made from goose feathers and can come in different speeds.

Synthetic Shuttlecocks
Synthetic shuttlecocks

This type of shuttlecock is more durable than a feather shuttle, but lack stability and flight quality. They are ideal for beginners and juniors as they are cheaper than feather shuttles and last longer.

Feather Shuttlecocks
Feather Shuttlecocks

A feather shuttlecock will be nicer to play with than a synthetic shuttle, provided its kept in a good condition. The speed varies more with a feather shuttle depending on the temperature and humidity in the sports hall, it will fly faster in a hot environment than a cold environment, however in the UK speed 77 shuttles should be the right speed. Yonex tend to provide the best shuttles and come in different standards. For example, the Yonex Aerosensa 30 shuttles are a higher quality shuttle than the Aerosensa 20 shuttles but are more expensive. We recommended that club players go for the Aerosensa 20 as they good shuttles for the cost, whereas the Aerosensa 30 are better for match play. In order to make your shuttles last longer, store in a cool, dry place, as high temperature can dry them out. They also shouldn't be left in the boot of your car or in a garage where frost can affect them.

Hybrid Shuttlecocks
Hybrid Shuttlecock

Hybrid shuttlecocks are designed to offer the best of both worlds. They are as light as feather shuttlecocks but with a plastic skirt to improve durability. Great choice for the club player looking to move onto feathers without breaking the bank.

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