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How to choose a Padel racket How to choose a Padel racket
How to choose a Padel racket
Best Rackets for Advanced
Best Rackets for Intermediates
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Best Rackets for Beginners
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Our buying guides will give you all the information you need to ensure you find the perfect equipment to improve your game.

Here are some key factors to take into consideration before buying a padel racket:

Head Shape

Padel rackets come in three head shapes: Round, Diamond and Teardrop. 
Round head shape padel rackets are most suited to beginner players. They have a head light balance to make them easy to manoeuvre and comfortable to play with. They also tend to have bigger sweet spots to help offer forgiveness on off-centred shots. This type of racket offers great control but may lack power. 
Teardrop padel rackets are ideal for intermediate players are they offer a combination of power and control. With an even balance, these rackets suit most types of play and make it easy to adapt to different styles of play. 
Diamond padel rackets is the chosen head shape of many professional players, with a head heavy balance, these rackets allow you to play with plenty of power, but have a smaller sweet spot. They are suited to players with an attacking style. If changing to a diamond head shape, it is recommended to go for a lighter weight to compensate for the head heavy balance as this will make the racket feel heavier. 

Head Shape Image
Head Shape
Head Shape

Finding the right weight racket can very subjective, and trying out multiple different weights is key to finding the racket best suited to your game. However, generally the stronger player you, the more you will benefit from playing with a heavier racket. For general guidance, most men choose rackets around 370-375grams, women choose rackets about 360grams, and junior rackets tend to weigh between 240 and 280grams. 


The thickness of a padel racket varies between 35mm and 38mm, with 38mm being the thickest that the current rules allow. Juniors tend to use the thinnest rackets (35mm) and beginners are advised to use rackets with a thickness of 36mm, to help with manoeuvrability and refine technique. As your game improves, moving to a thicker racket will help to generate more power. 

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Juani Mieres
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