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How to Choose a Racketball Racket

Picking the correct racket is crucial to improve your game. It's important to consider the weight and balance of the rackets.


Racketball rackets tend to fall into 3 categories which affect power, control and manoeuvrability. Heavy weight rackets (185+ grams) helps the generate more power from the back corners of the court. A medium weight racket (170 - 185 grams) gives a balance between power and control, and a light weight racket (150 - 165 grams) is good for players who generate their own power and play a quick game. 


Head Heavy balanced rackets help to increase the swing speed and weight which therefore increases the power in the shot. On the other hand, Head Light rackets have the weight focused in the handle which makes the racket feel lighter, this is ideal for front court play as they are easily manoeuvrable. An Even blanced racket provides a middle ground between power and control.  

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Another aspect to consider is the strings, players don't always realise that just because the strings haven't broken it might still need restringing, as strings lose tension over time. The average tension for a racketball racket is 33lbs, however it can be strung tighter for more control or looser for more power. 

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