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How To Choose The Correct Racketball Ball

English racketball balls differ from those used elsewhere in the world as they are designed specifically for English court sizes/types ie for use on a squash court.

The most commonly used racketball ball is the blue racketball ball (no dot). The blue or 'recreational' racketball ball is used for social play and in some club competitions and leagues.

At the request of England Squash and Racketball, Price (and now other brands) also started to manufacture a slower, black racketball ball which is available in both single dot and double dot.

The Price black single dot ball is used in many competitions and leagues and National and Regional Championships.

Some brands including Ektelon, Tecnifibre and Karakal also produce plain black balls (no dot). These are equivalent to the Price single black dot balls. 

The Price black double dot racketball ball is the slowest and is most appropriate for very advanced or elite players.

England Squash and Racketball approve three brands of racketball ball, namely Price, Tecnifibre and Dunlop but we sell racketball balls from all the major racketball brands. 

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