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How To Choose a Junior Squash Racket

The best junior squash racket will depend on the age, size and strength of your child. 

For younger children (ie those age 4+) we recommend choosing one of the shorter junior squash rackets which will allow your child to start to develop hand-eye co-ordination - a lighter racket where the racket head is closer to child's hand will make this much easier.  Check out the Dunlop Fun Mini Squash Racket

If your child is a little older but just starting to give the game a try (ie age 6/7+), the best racket may be one of the slightly longer kids' squash rackets such as the Tecnifibre Carboflex Junior X-Top squash racket.

We recommend moving up to a full-size racket as soon as possible once your child has started to develop a full swing and is hitting the ball consistently. One of the great benefits of a full-size racket is the extra power in every shot  - children love being able to start getting the ball to the back of the court! 

If you would like any more advice on choosing a junior squash racket, drop us a line at 

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