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Trion:Z Here at we are able to bring you great deals on the latest Trion:z products including the Flex Loop, Active and Dual Loop bracelets. Check out our fantastic prices and the brilliant new colourways in store now!

Trion:z are one of the leading manufacturers of Magnetic Ionic Sports Therapy Bracelets and Necklaces.

Trion:z products combine magnetic therapy and the power of negative ions in order to balance the magnetic and electrical fields within the body. They incorporate powerful magnetic technology with a Patented Alternating North-South orientation. The negative Ions in Trion:z products are released at rates 50 to 100 times higher than competitors' products.

Trion:z's products are not only reputed to enhance wellbeing and improve performance, they also look stylish and are comfortable to wear.

Trion:Zs products are worn and endorsed by many leading sports professionals including Rory McIlroy and British Open Champion Squash Nick Matthew.

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