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Compressport Compression Pro Silicon R2 Calf White - Racket Zoom Compressport Compression Pro Silicon R2 Calf White - Racket

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Helps maintain level of performance
  • Compression helps to maintain high level of perfromance
  • Increases the speed of lactate removal for faster recovery
  • Massaging Fibre helps the legs feel lighter
  • Supports the knee by using a compression band around the patella tendon
  • Full Description
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The Compressport Racket range has been specifically designed to meet the demands of racket sports, offering a higher level of compression to facilitate the explosive movements players require. Compression wear not only improves the blood return effect post exercise by 20% to speed up recovery, but more importantly has significant advantages to using it during exercise. It dramatically reducing muscle damage, by reducing muscles vibrations by 30%, allowing the player to perform at a higher level for longer. It aids stronger muscle contractions for more explosive movements and improves proprioception and balance.

SIZE GUIDE - Calf circumference

T1 - 30-34cm

T2 - 34-38cm

T3 - 38-42cm

T4 - 42-46cm

Compressport, born in Switzerland, manufacture their compression wear on medical graded machinery, producing seamless garments with millimetre precision and graduated compression. This upper most level of manufacturing leaves the competitors standing and is vital to reap the full benefits of Compression wear. Compressport items come with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, for peace of mind and are a statement of their quality.

The Pro Silicon R2 Sleeve features: ·       More than 200 silicon spikes around the ankle, supporting the Achilles tendon and protecting muscles, veins and joints from shocks travelling up the leg. ·       Muscle fatigue is delayed and risk of injury is minimised. ·       A K-Protect band located below the knee compresses the patellar tendon, supporting the knee. Vibrations are reduced, joint movement is eases and knee pain is prevented. ·       Detoxifies as lactic acid and toxins are not allowed to build up. ·       Highly breathable material acting as a second skin, helping you to warm up when cold and keep you cool when hot.

WHEN TO WEAR THIS ITEM – During exercise for maximum performance and injury reduction, but can also be worn post exercise to aid recovery



Studies show a significant reduction in lactic acid during exercise


With its 220 soft silicon spikes which fully surround the ankle over a height of 7cm, the Pro Silicon R2 calf sleeve optimises shock absorption and guarantees ideal support to the Achilles tendon during strenuous efforts (helping to absorb pain and tendon problems).


Accelerates venous return preventing blood from stagnating in calves, ischia and quadriceps, therefore making your legs feel ultra light.


Compression of muscles reduces muscles oscillation increasing the time that high level performance can be maintained.


The special knitting protects you from the cold whilst still providing maximum breathability for your skin. The activation of microcirculation (+92%) assists and supports the skin’s thermo-regulating mechanism (+51%), therefore allowing you to save energy.


Accelerates the removal of the lactates by 13% reducing fatigue and providing a faster recovery.


Every movement triggers a micromassage to the muscle providing a feeling of lightness.


In normal use Compressport is tear proof.


By applying the correct compression on your veins, the Pro Silicon R2 improves muscle oxygenation by 25%, allowing for a faster recovery.


The shock absorbing effect of the silicon spikes at the rear of the sleeve protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure.


Compressport has developed the K-Protect to help reduce any potential knee pain. The K-Protect is an ergonomic band, which applies compression on the patellar tendon to provide extra knee support. It reduces the vibrations up to -8% without hindering joint movement.


Compressport offers the lightest materials, with fast moisture wicking properties.


The 360o compression dampens the “shock wave” effect on muscles, veins and joints.


Activating your proprioceptive feedback by stimulating different cutaneous and muscular receptors, enhancing the feeling with your legs, improving your balance, and ultimately allowing you to perform better.


All Compressport garments are tested and backed by science.


The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it. Maximum comfort and no irritation.


100% hygienic. The sanitsed treatment helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and naturally fights odours.

Additional Information

PDH Product Code:CSCO10620


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