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Ashaway Wall Banger 185 Racketball Racket Zoom Ashaway Wall Banger 185 Racketball Racket

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Hello what string is used for the 185 wall bnnger? I see 2 options to buy 1. Ashaway Powerkill 17 (Red) 12m Packet 2. Ashaway Powerkill Pro 16 (Red) 12m Packet.I am asking as the wallbanger is the best racquet I have had (superb control & power) & as strings are starting to wear I want to replace with exact same strings.
The Ashaway Wall Banger 185 is pre strung in Ashaway Powerkill Pro red.
Recommended Stringing Tension for this racket /Ashaway Racketball Rackets?
The string tension range for Ashaway Racketball rackets in 25-29lbs

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Great for power!
  • Fan stringing pattern
  • Slim Pro Head shape with a large sweetspot
  • Highest grade graphite for fantastic durability
  • Pre strung with premium Ashaway Powerkill Pro 1.3 Racketball string
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Ashaway Wall Banger 185 Racketball Racket
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£119.95 £94.99 20% off

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The WallBanger 185 is designed for the Power player who is looking to increase ball speed. The 185g frame weight makes it easy to use with a superb balance. The racket comes pre strung with Ashaway PowerKill Pro 1.30 gauge - the thickest gauge premium string.

This is the heavier of the two Ashaway WallBanger Frames and with its Slim Pro Head shape this increases power on the Sweet Spot.

The frame is made from the Highest grade Graphite (40Tonne Japanese Carbon) to make sure its owner feels at ease with its reliability and durability. The Ashaway Wallbanger 185 packs a punch on the court and is a great choice for those looking for that extra power.

Additional Information

PDH Product Code:RBAS13747
Construction:40 Tonne Carbon Graphite
FactoryStrings:Ashaway Powerkill Pro
Racket cover:Full Length Cover
Stringing pattern:16 x 22
Unstrung weight:185 grams


  • Steve W 25 June 2019
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    I recently bought one of these online through PDH Sports. For context, I am a reasonably experienced club league player but no expert! I have been using a Head Radical 160 Paola Longoria signature racket for a while and was looking for something with a bit more stability. I have previously used an Ektelon O3 Red racket. The new Ashaway racket definitely gave me what I was looking for, feeling more secure in the hand - it helps that it has a slightly larger and longer handle. It benefits from the Ashaway strings and the ball really pings off it. I got more penetration and accuracy, giving me more time to choose my shot as my opponent was under more pressure. I was a bit worried about the stated weight but here's a thing - the Ashaway weighs 194g including its wrist strap, the Head 160 weighs 196g without a wrist strap and the Prince 190g with a wrist strap. This is using my digital kitchen scales which may be inaccurate but they consistently gave these readings so the Ashaway is clearly lighter than advertised and no heavier than my Head 160. So, don't be put off by the stated weight. Yes, I definitely do have the 185 model. The balance seems a bit different but I can't really quantify it and as racketball rackets are so short, I'm not sure it's so much of an issue. From me, it's highly recommended, I gave it 5 stars because, whilst it's expensive, it has good strings as standard making it good value.

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