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Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Squash Racket Ali Farag Zoom Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Squash Racket Ali Farag

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Hi, I have a demo of this racket and really like it. I havent played with the previous version of this racket, is there much difference in performance?
Both rackets play very similar, but the XT Revelation has slightly better feel due to using the latest technology.

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Explosive power
  • Extra stiff fibres resulting in Dunlop’s most powerful racket ever!
  • Improved stability and durability
  • Aeroskin CX reduces drag
  • Weight: 128g
  • Head heavy balance
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Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Squash Racket Ali Farag
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£140.00 £82.49 41% off

The new Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro, as used by Ali Farag, helps to explode your shots. Next Generation HyperfibreXT Ballistic fibres have been added all across the hoop of the racket from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock as well as at the 6 o'clock position resulting in Dunlop’s most powerful technology to date.

Aero Profile Engineering advances in the layup allow for a sharper leading edge up to 9% smaller cross section in hoop allowing the beam to cut through the air faster with more elastic power than conventional beams.

CX Max -The streamlined aerodynamic profile with concave internal cross section at the top of the hoop provides superior aerodynamics and increased main string length. This powerful fusion increases the sweet spot size and moves it closer to the tip of the racket to deliver increased elastic power enhanced by faster racket head speed for unstoppable shot speed.

Please note: this racket cannot be restrung in a hybrid string.

Additional Information

PDH Product Code:RSDU15246
Balance:Head Heavy
Construction:Hyperfibre XT
FactoryStrings:Dunlop Silk
Head size (cm):490 cm
Racket cover:Full Length Cover
Stringing pattern:14 x 19
Unstrung weight:128 grams


  • Robert E 7 October 2019
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    This racket is a little like Marmite. I purchased one from PDH sports at the British Open (albeit the older cosmetic) on a bit of an impulse after watching Ali Farag play wonderfully using it. If this racket has taught me anything, it's that I'm not a 6 foot tall Egyptian squash professional. Hard to believe! So what do I think about this racket? When you have time on the ball to properly prepare your swing, it's great, the extra head heavy balance absolutely hammers through the ball and drives it EXACTLY where you want it to go. I also found my drop shots going in really tight with this racket, the slightly smaller head size really helps with control. However, the head heavy balance has its drawbacks. You have to be strong in the wrist to really be able to use this racket. It turns out I am not strong in the wrist at all, so I really struggle to manoeuvre the racket to where I'd like. Quite uncomfortable on the arm when under pressure and playing 'reactive' squash. However, I've loaned it to some players at my club and they've loved it - it literally comes down to personal preference. Thankfully, there is a head light version, though I've never used it, I believe it plays fairly similar to this racket, but is easier on the arm, so it could be a fantastic alternative! For: Wrist strong players who play attacking squash with lots of power. Not for: Weaker armed players who rely on defending and retrieving the ball.

  • Rachel d 7 October 2019
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    Having been recommended this racket by a guy in my club, I was intrigued to try a head heavy racket having always used the carboflex from technifibre. I wasn't sure about at first due it being balanced head heavy, but after hitting a few shots, I was really enjoying it. straight away, I was getting so much control on my touch shots at the front but by having more weight in the head, I felt like I was generating power effortlessly. To be clear, this racket is not heavy (128g), but by being balanced more in the head, the benefit in touch and feel are game changing (for me anyway). I would definitely recommend buying this. Thanks PDH.

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