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Dunlop Precision Ultimate Squash Racket Zoom Dunlop Precision Ultimate Squash Racket
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New aerodynamic frame
  • New Slim Profile racket with Aeroskin CX
  • BioFibre and CX Grommets
  • MoS2 Grommets and Hybrid Cross Section
  • Supplied with full length cover
  • 16 x 19 Stringing pattern
  • Full Description
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Dunlop Precision Ultimate Squash Racket
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£149.99 £64.95 56% off

The new Dunlop Precision Ultimate Squash Racket is the latest release in the popular Ultimate racket range. With new improved aerodynamics from the hybrid cross section and CX grommets add a little extra power and control.

BioFibre - Between layers of carbon in the racket frame, Dunlop has a layer of woven plant stem extracts. This weave acts to dampen the racket vibration. The amount of initial vibration is reduced on impact and reduces quicker.

AeroSkin CX - Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and then developed in a wind tunnel the surface of the racket is designed to smooth turbulant air for 36% reduced aerodynamic drag. This allows a greater swing speed and higher power.

CX Grommets - The grommet strip is shaped to fit into the groove of the frame. This keeps a more aerodynamic profile for the frame to increase racket head speed.

MoS2 Grommets - Designed to be like snake skin, the grommet polymer MoS2 is self lubricating. This reduces the fricton on the string by 27% increasing string and grommet life.

Hybrid Cross Section - A blend of the oval and box section designs prioritises aerodynamics at the head and stability at the throat to improve power.

Additional Information

PDH Product Code:RSDU7751
Balance:Head light
Head size (cm):500 cm
Racket cover:Full Length Cover
Stringing pattern:16 x 19
Unstrung weight:132 grams


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