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Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody Squash Racket Zoom Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody Squash Racket

Questions and answers

Do you think this is a significant upgrade to the Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 Slimbody? Or do they pretty much feel the same?What do you think of the AFP? Tried the 16/17? Thanks.
The Graphene 360 technology improves stability giving an improved feeling on your shots, the AFP stringing gives you the option of more power or more control if you have the 16/17 set up. The racket has the same feel as before just added 360 tecnholgy
The number of stringing
This rackets comes from factory in the 12x17 stringing pattern but can be restrung in a 16x17 stringing pattern.
Que es mejor, encordado 12-17 o 16-17?Cuales son las ventajas o desventajas.
The 12/17 stringing pattern will offer more power and spin as the strings can move more. The 16/17 stringing pattern gives the string bed a stiffer feel increasing control, whilst still maintaining power due to having more main strings.
How does this slim body compare to the regular version? Deciding between the 2. Thanks!
The slim body version is more aerodynamic, so the racket cuts through the air quicker. Please see our review comparing the two models:

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Now used by Paul Coll!

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  • Used by Paul Coll
  • Endorsed by Joelle King
  • Slimbody design makes the racket more aerodynamic
  • Graphene 360 technology improves stability
  • Adaptive fan stringing pattern
  • Full Description
£140.00 £89.99 35% off



Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody Squash Racket
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£140.00 £89.99 35% off

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The new Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody squash racket brings together a combination of power and speed. The slimbody design makes it extremely aerodynamic and maneuverable, allowing you to get balls closer to the wall than ever before. The Graphene 360 technology provides greater stability and energy transfer into the ball. The Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) allows you to chose between a 12/17 stringing pattern or a 16/17 for more control.

Additional Information

PDH Product Code:RSHE14264
Balance:Head Heavy
Beam:16 mm
FactoryStrings:Head Reflex 1.2
Head size (cm):500 cm
Length (inches):27 in
Racket cover:Full Length Cover
Stringing pattern:12/17
Unstrung weight:120 grams grams


  • Robert E 7 October 2019
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    I purchased this racket, having been a long time user of Tecnifibre's 125 Carboflex rackets (both the original and the X-speed). I literally can't go back to using the tecnifibre rackets after switching to this - I tried it and failed miserably! Pros: The feeling when you hit through the ball with this racket is great. The frame isn't overly stiff so it feels really 'springy' when you hit the ball - but in a good way. Combining this with the slight head heaviness really does give effortless power. The sweet spot is really generous too, unlike the tecnifibre rackets I feel like I'm making far fewer mistakes and hitting the ball better. The shape of the grip is something that I also really like, with the butt of the grip being wider it sits really comfortably in the hand. Who'd have thought a wide butt would feel so good in the hand? Finally, it looks sharp as hell. The all black look is really slick. Ive never looked so good losing 3-0. Cons: Price - a little eye watering but really worth it. I had a hit with the older version with the blue stripe on it though, which did feel similar and is about 30% cheaper, so could be a good alternative for those on a budget. Stock grip - I had it on for one game and switched it for a standard Karakal PU grip, as with most rackets the stock grip was slippy and not much use. Overall This racket is awesome. I'm a club level player and I feel so much more comfortable using this than tecnifibres. Not to say tecnifibres are bad rackets - far from it, but I feel you have to be a really strong player to get the most out of them due to the small sweet spot. If you have the budget and you're in the market for a new racket, this really is a solid choice!

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