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Ashaway Oblivion Squash String Hybrid 110m Reel Zoom Ashaway Oblivion Squash String Hybrid 110m Reel

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Does it play soft like the Supernick ZX string or noticeably more firm?
The Powerfusion (cross string) is soft like the Supernick ZX, but the combination with the Powernick 18 gives a slightly stiffer feeling.
So this is just for the crosses and the mains are to be strung with Powernick, is that it? or is it all combined?
The Oblivion is name for the full set up of the string, the reel combines 55m of Powernick 18 for the mains, and 55m of Power Fusion for the crosses.
Many thanks. Any chance single stringing packages to be available soon?
Unfortunately we only sell this as a reel but it is available as a restring upgrade option on new squash rackets.

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High Power/Less Shock!

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  • New Hybrid Squash string from Ashaway
  • Power fusion crosses + Powernick 18 in mains
  • High Power + Low Shock
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Ashaway Oblivion Squash String Hybrid 110m Reel
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Brand new to the market, Ashaway have produced a hybrid squash string. The Powerfusion cross-strings have been specifically designed to compliment the firm feeling Powernick 18 mains strings. By adding softness & feel to a firm and powerful main string, Powerfusion technology produces the ultimate squash string bed.


MAINS Mains String: Powernick 18 Diameter: 1.15mm Length: 55m Colour: Red


Cross String: Powerfusion Diameter: 1.20mm Length: 55m Colour: White

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PDH Product Code:SSAS115994


  • Paul H (PDHSports Team) 23 October 2019
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    This is a very light string which I felt changed the balance slightly in my racket. The Ashaway Oblivion hybrid string has a lot of power and good feel on your shorts shots, very consistent feedback on every hit, my drops are better than ever since i switched to this string. The string grips the ball well but this will cause your strings to move around, this has eased the more I played with it. I had mixed feeling about the string, I absolutely love the way it plays but prefered the look of black strings in my racket, however i have now got over this and absolutely love this string. After 3 matches I now think this could be the best string I have ever used :)

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