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Royal Padel Diamond 2023 rackets

We've taken a hard look at two of the 2023 Royal Padel Diamonf rackets! Is one of them destined to be your best friend? Check out our expert opinions and recommendations in this in-depth review and comparison.

Summary: our verdict
With a diamond head shape, your padel racket will have a higher balance, moving more weight away from your hand. Diamond rackets have a higher sweet spot position on the head. This set up is one that you'll love if you play an offensive game and like to use a lot of power a lot of the time. That's exactly the thinking behind this Royal Padel 2023 Diamond rackets.
These padel rackets play hard and fast. Our padel crew all agree that they suit more advanced and ambitious players with a high level of strength and fitness. Bt the Royal Padel team has a 30-year track recond in padel racket design and innovation, so they know how to build a racket that gives you just enough precision and refinement to balance the big-hitting power. 
The big question is, what about comfort? How easy are these diamond-hard rackets to live with in a relentless, fast-paced match?
For aggressive players who like the thought of having the most powerful racket in the range, choose the Royal Padel M27 R Line Ace. On the other hand, the Royal Padel Euro Pro 23 is set to be a best-seller, with a winning combination of power, comfort and versatility. 
We've reviewed both these rackets in detail. If you're a big hitter, read on to find out whether one of these 2023 Diamond rackets could make your game sparkle. 

M27 R Line Ace 2023

Racket build and features:

- Diamond shaped head
- Mid balance and high sweet spot
- Improved shock absorption
- 5D Grip rough surface for extra spin

Player appeal:

This is a racket is for advanced players or players who are progressing rapidly towards a high level in padel. To get the best from it we think you need a consistent technique and good strength and grip. 
FYI: Testing this racket convinced Spanish pro player Carla Mesa to switch racket sponsor for the 2023 season.
Style of play
This is the newest model from the Royal Padel R Line. The Royal Padel technical team has worked hard to refine the design, giving this 2023 racket impressive balance in the core, despite the high eighting and hard EVA construction.
Putting this racket through its paces was a blast for padel players who play with a lot of aggression at the front on the court (yes, we mean you, Paul!). It's the most powerful racket in the R Line range, which is a real buzz if hitting hard and relentlessly is at the heart of your game. That said, there was a surprising amount of comfort and great spin capability.
Like an F1 racing car, too much power can be unmanageable in a real-world situation. That's why auto manufacturers develop road legal version of their flagship racers. We think that's a great metaphor for this racket - it's excitingly powerful and high-end but also comfortable enough for regular play.
Comparison with similar rackets
If you're not quite so confident of your Padel mastery and you prefer a slightly lighter racket, we suggest you try the Royal Padel Euro Pro 23.
Decision points
Advantages: The most powerful racket in the range. Hard hitters and offensive players will be in heaven with this one. 
Disadvantages: Because it's hard, head heavy and has a high sweet spot, we don't recommend this racket to players who lack solid technique and strength.

Euro Pro 23

Racket build and features:

- Advanced diamond hsaped head
- High balance and sweet spot
- Mid weight frame
- Hybrid Evo and polyethylene core
- All new 3D Hex hitting surface

Player appeal:

A competition level racket that's incredibly accessible. Tested by the likes of Cristian Guiterrez and Ramiro Nanni, this racket is fit for the most exper players, but it's also a great choice for intermediate improvers.
Style of play
This racket got all the padel players smiling. Someone described it as a Goldilocks racket - not too heavy, not too light, not too hard, not too soft... it's just right.
Basically, we can easily see why the Royal Padel Euro Pro is predicted to be one of 2023's runaway bestsellers. The diamond head gives you terrific power and the high balance point sends your shots scorching across the court. But at the same time, the frame is lighter than many of the power rackets we've tested, so it's comfortable to play with. Royal Padel us renowned for desgning rackets that help avoid injury and protect the joints - it's a very impressive bit of racket engineering that really gives this 2023 model an edge. 
We loved hitting exsciting overhead shots and putting a wicked spin on the ball. It was easy to adapt to the high balance and we found the sweet spot was generous, coping well with the occasional inaccurate hit.
Comparison with similar rackets
If you want all-out power, choose the Royal Padel M27 R Line Ace. If you're a very strong athlete and proficient player you may get more from it.
Decision points
Advantages: Fast, powerful, controlled and well balanced without piling on too much weight. A terrific top-end all-rounder. 
Disadvantages: We're struggling to think of any. This racket is going to be everywhere in 2023 - that might annoy you if you crave exclusivity. 

7 February 2023

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