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How do I choose the right squash racket brand?
All the brands we stock perform brilliantly. We've chosen them because they'll help you play like a champion, whatever your level. But choosing between so many star brands can be tough. That's where the team comes in! Our squash experts test all the products we sell, so we know what they're best for. If the product descriptions on our website don't tell you enough, get in touch. We're happy to talk to you on social media, by email or on the phone to advise which brand and model of racket will meet your specific needs.

What's the best squash racket brand for a beginner?
If you're a beginner or an intermediate player, a good all-round racket like the HEAD Nano could be suitable for your needs. The Nano is a lightweight racket that provides good power and manoeuvrability. Karakal offers some sturdy beginner rackets that are competitively priced, if you want to minimise your initial spending. Check out our latest beginner squash racket brand deals and availability.

What are the best squash racket brands for intermediate players?
If you're looking for a more sophisticated squash racket to boost your improving game, try the HEAD Graphene range. These rackets are popular with our customers who play at an intermediate and advanced level it offers excellent stability and power. All the brands we sell have a great range in for this ability level. As a more experienced player, you'll know your own game style, so the descriptions of each racket should guide you to a model that suits the way you play. See all the intermediate squash racket brands and models we recommend.

Can you recommend a squash racket brand for advanced players?
There's no single answer to that question, although it's important to every skilled player! But the best brand and racket for your advanced squash game will depend on your strengths, improvement areas and priorities in match play. You could be guided by professional player endorsements - for example, Karakal's Joel Makin signature racket. You can trust a mainstream sports brand like Head or Dunlop. Or you can look to squash specialist racket manufacturers like Tecnfibre, Ashaway, Karakal or Black Knight. We stock them all. View all our recommended expert rackets or read our 2023 top ten racket reviews for more insights into squash brand performance.

What are the leading racket sports brands?
The beauty of visiting the store is that we stock all of the leading brands for racket sports. Did you know we have 24 featured racket sports brands on our site? If you're buying a squash racket or tennis racket, our best-sellers tend to come from the Dunlop, Head, Tecnifibre, Babolat, Prince and Karakal ranges. But customers' preferences change all the time and the leading brands bring out new models and stock every month, so the rankings can change fast!

What is the best-selling racket brand for squash, tennis and badminton?
In the past 12 months, this tennis racket, this squash racket and this badminton racket have consistently appeared at the top of our sales reports. But there are many others that have been almost as popular and have exceeded them at times. We recommend picking the racket sports category you want from our website and taking a look at our buyer guides to help you find your own winning brand.

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