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A guide to padel rackets by the experts at Babolat

A guide to padel rackets by the experts at Babolat


Find out how padel rackets are designed and built and the types of player that different rackets may suit. We've stocked Babolat for years and can vouch for their deep knowledge of the padel game and the quality of their rackets. For this article, Babolat's experts shared their know-how to help you understand padel racket features and capabilities so you can choose the perfect padel racket for you. 

About Babolat

Babolat is a trusted brand in padel and tennis, with a reputation for high performance kit. The Babolat padel range spans rackets, shoes, bags and accessories designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of players. Top quality rackets are built to withstand the rigours of the exciting and fast-paced game of padel, from top-end competition to leisure play. Babolat is the choice of many top professional padel players inculding world number one Juan Lebron.

Choosing your racket - what to consider

Before we dive into padel racket features and construction, Babolat recommends that you think about your own playing style. If you're a beginner, you may not know this yet, although you may have an idea if you have played other racket sports before. Are you an aggressive, powerful player? Does technique and finesse matter most to you? Do you like to control the game? Is your superpower speed and agility? Knowing your own style and preference is key to choosing the perfect padel racket. 

If you can try out different padel rackets and talk to other players about them, you'll be able to base your decision on the feel of the racket in play. Or you could ask our padel team at - we've tested all the rackets we sell and can share our experiences of the handling and the type of player they suit. 

Permitted size and specification for padel rackets

According to the International Padel Federation (FIP), padel rackets must be no longer than 45.5cm long (including the handle), 26cm wide and 38mm thick. The handle itself can be up to 20cm long. Unlike tennis rackets, there is no generic sizing for padel racket handles. Padel racket cores are made from EVA foam which can be of different densities. The perforated head must have at least one hole that's between 9 and 13mm in diameter. 

Padel rackets frames are usually mostly made from carbon, with the racket head surface made from carbon, fibreglass or a combination, sometimes blended with other materials. Racket faces with a lot of carbon in them tend to be more rigid, for explosive power and responsiveness. A greater amount of fibreglass produces more comfort along with power. 

Rackets have a sweet spot - the ideal place for the ball to connect. Different racket head shapes locate the sweetspot in different places. This affects the player, because the closer the sweetspot is to your hand, the easier it is to return the ball accurately. With a round head padel racket, the sweet spot is central and closest to your hand. With a diamond racket, the sweet spot is high up and further away from your hand. This gives the greatest power potential. A teardrop head padel racket gives a versatile balance, with a mid-high sweetspot.

Player typology - what kind of padel striker are you?

Babolat has studied players at all levels to come up with three different player profiles. All players want to be strikers. The question is, what type do you aspire to be?
- Technical Striker - wants to drive the game through strong tactical and technical ability. Winning moves are powerful with well positioned shots and smashes. 
- Air Striker - is agile and fast around the court and loves to go to the net. Quick strokes, fast responses and fully extended shots are the key characteristics of this style. 
- Counter Striker - a strong and strategic player with consistent and effective returns, the counter striker waits for an opportunity to take control with a carefully placed shot or a devasting smash. 
Babolat's latest range of rackets is designed specifically to meet the needs of these player profiles. 

Babolat TECHNICAL rackets for millimetric power

Try the Babolat Technical Veron for big power potential. The Vibrasorb system helps protect you from injury when you're on the attack! The hole size and distribution in the carbon flex racket surface helps boost power transmission as well as precision. The Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron is an exceptional racket for advanced, explosive players - as you'd expect from a racket designed with the world number one. It features a 3D Spin+ surface and three EVA layers in the core for power and comfort. 

Babolat AIR rackets for manoeuvrable power

The Babolat Air Vertuo is an excellent choice if you like a lightweight racket for maximum agility, with a hybrid head shape to give a great balance between power, comfort and precision. Taking it up a level, the Babolat Air Viper has extra technical features, like a textured surface for spin and a custom hole pattern on the face to boost power transmission. It's perfect for a fast, ambitious player.

Babolat COUNTER rackets for controllable power

Round head rackets like the Babolat Counter Vertuo make it easy to find and direct your power, with a large sweet spot and comfort features like extra vibration dampening and elastic foam core. The Babolat Counter Veron has a head heavy balance that gives you more overhead power blended with shock absorption that will help protect you from injury and keep you playing comfortably throughout your session.

Choosing the best Babolat racket for your level

Your playing style may not have fully evolved if you're a beginner or improver. Babolat designs products specifically for developing players, to help you strengthen every aspect of your padel play with a versatile racket. 

For intermediate players who know what style they favour and the gameplay they aspire to, you can choose a Babolat racket to suit your fitness, competitive level and skill. From heavier and more powerful rackets to precision models for more control and comfort, your choice will help you to refine and enhance your performance. 

Advanced and pro players can select from Babolat's top end rackets. These offer unrivalled finesse, channelling supreme power and accuracy into the hands of expert padel players, to suit their strengths and strategies. 

Check out our separate guides to Babolat padel rackets for beginner, intermediate and advanced players to find a choice of recommended models for each.

Other recommended products in the Babolat range

With Babolat's passion for padel, it's no surprise that the brand also designs high-spec padel shoes that are built to handle the fast pace and movements of the game. Their padel racket bags are created with the same attention to detail and knowledge of the needs of padel players. You can also choose high quality Babolat padel balls and a range of padel clothing and accessories.  

Where to buy Babolat padel kit

At and we're delighted to offer a wide range of the best Babolat padel rackets and equipment. Whatever you need, we can deliver it fast (and free for orders over £75) to most UK mainland addresses. We despatch to international customers as well. Find out how quickly your order could be with you by checking our delivery page.

We're all passionate about padel. Most of the pdh team are enthusiastic padel players too. So, if you want to talk about choosing the best Babolat padel racket for your game, or if you need advice or recommendations for any padel gear, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else, please get in touch.

5 December 2023

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