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Six winning Pickleball technique hacks

Six winning Pickleball technique hacks Would you like to improve your pickleball game? We've rounded up some great advice recommended by the experts in the team to help you play better and progress. Read on to find our six favourite tutorials for pickleball players who want to advance their technique and tactics, whether you're just starting out or know the game well. 

Learn from the experts - free online tips and demonstrations

If you've played other racket sports, it's pretty quick and easy to get a game going, using your knowledge and experience from other courts. But it takes time, commitment and concentration to become and advanced player. Here at we're working on our pickleball skills too: here are our top six video tutorials to bring your game on and help you find your winning streak. 

Build your forehand skills

Pickleball champion Scott Moore shows us the forehand he's famous for. Scott spends two and a half minutes breaking it down in slow motion, with simple explanations alongside.
The Forehand with Slow Motion - Scott Moore

Discover how to serve a winner

Professional Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson spends three and a half minutes analysing and demonstrating advanced serving techniques from some of the game's best players. 
Pickleball Pro Serving Technique

Get into forehand and backhand slicing

Four minutes of technique talk from pickleball touring pro Sarah Ansboury, Sarah demonstrates how to optimise your body positioning, direction and power. 
Pickleball Slice

Sharpen up your defensive volleying

Certified coach and top level pickleball player Jordan Briones talks us through his technique for reset block volleying that can help you when you're under attack. A more detailed explainer that lasts eight minutes.
3 Little Known Techniques to DEFEND Any Pickleball Attack

It's time to smash it!

Eight minutes with pickleball instructor and enthusiast Barrett Kincheloe will equip you with the power and potential of a satisfying and successful pickleball smash.
How To Do The Overhead Smash In Pickleball

The pickleball specialism of dink shots

Steve Dawson from the US Pickleball Channel explains in less than five minutes how to use this advanced technique to play unreturnable shots from close to the net.
3 Secrets to Improve Your Dinking Strategy with Steve Dawson - Pickleball 411

Everything you need to know about pickleball

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We've got plenty of other useful information about the pickleball game. Find out about playing pickleball with your family, why it's so popular and the most important rules of the game. You can also read our article comparing pickleball with padel if you're not sure which sport you'd like to take up.

5 November 2020

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