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Which K-Swiss Shoe should I choose?

New K-Swiss Tennis Shoes now released! Check out our breakdown of the different models. 

Are you struggling to choose between the K-Swiss shoes? With all the shoes sounding (and looking) very similar it's hard to tell which one might be best for your game. To help you make the right choice we've reviewed all the latest models and identified which type of player each shoe would be most suitable for.
K-Swiss is one of our most popular tennis shoe brands. As these shoes offer a wider fit than many other brands they are our go to recommendation for anyone with wider feet. 

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1. K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

Great cushioning for the agile player!

  • Weight: 370g

Designed for the competitve player, the Hypercourt Supreme is a lightweight shoe with Surge 7.0 cushioning to provide maximum energy return. With an upper bootie construction, this shoe keeps your foot locked in so you can be confident to get to every ball. The Dragguard 7.0 technology improves the overall durability and makes this shoe suitable for all court surfaces. 

“We love the cushioning and stability which this model offers!”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for a light weight shoe with great levels of cushioning for all day comfort.
Reasons not to buy: You play on clay/sand-based courts and are looking for a Herringbone type sole to suit this surface. 

PDH Offer
£118.99  £140.00

2. K-Swiss Defier RS

Our best-selling model with great durability!

  • Weight: 445g

The K-Swiss Defier RS has been one of our best selling tennis shoes for many years, with many customers returning for the same shoe year after year, confident of buying a high quaility shoe with incredible durability. One of the few models still made partly from leather, this shoe allows you to play your best in all conditions. These shoes help to keep your feet cool featuring an Ortholite insole to minimise perspiration. Also available for Women.

“A tried and tested model which customers return for year after year! The styling is timeless".

Reasons to buy: You prefer a classic looking shoe offering great performance.
Reasons not to buy: You're looking for a lighter weight shoe for quick movements. 

PDH Offer
£87.99  £100.00

3. K-Swiss Express Light 2

For a quick player looking for a lightweight shoe to match!

  • Weight: 350g

If you're looking for a lightweight shoe then the Express Light 2 might be the best choice for you. Weighing in at 350 grams (the Herringbone version is lighter still at 321 grams) this shoe is a great option for all levels of player looking for a versatile shoe. The TPU shank offers increased stability on lateral movements whilst still providing a netural fit. If playing on clay or sand-based courts then you will find the Express Light 2 HB (Herringbone sole) offers exceptional traction on this type of court. This shoe is also available in Women's versions: Express Light 2 and the Express Light 2 HB

“A fantastic lightweight shoe aimed at developing players. We love the fact that it's also available in a herringbone sole version or those playing on clay and artificial grass surfaces."

Reasons to buy: You're looking for a light shoe supporting quick movement on court.
Reasons not to buy: You'd prefer a shoe with high levels of cushioning.

PDH Offer
£76.49 £90.00

4. K-Swiss Ultrashot 3

As worn by the pros!

  • Weight: 410g

Built for the competitive player who strives for the highest level of performance. Worn by players on the ATP and WTA tours, the Ultrashot 3 offers maximum energy return with K-Swiss' latest Surge 7.0 midsole, as well as the 360 Plantar Chassis Support to enhance heel and mid-foot support during quick lateral movements and Dragguard 7.0 for superior grip and traction.

“This top of range shoe is packed with technologies and most suited to competitive players"

Reasons to buy: You want a premium model worn by top players!
Reasons not to buy: You're more budget conscious.

PDH Offer
£140.25 £160.00

5. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2

A great choice for all-round performance!

  • Weight: 352g

K-Swiss' best-selling shoe offers a combination of breathability and comfort whilst still being lightweight, making it suitable for all playing types. Durawrap Flex design offers great support with very little break-in period, whilst the Surgelite midsole technology provides all-day comfort. This shoe also comes in the Herringbone model for better traction on clay and sand-based courts: Hypercourt Express 2 HB

“Light, comfortable and breathable, this shoe will suit players of all levels. A bestseller”

Reasons to buy: You're an all-round player looking for a shoe to match your style. 
Reasons not to buy: You're looking a classic styled shoe. 

PDH Offer
£101.99 £120.00

6. K-Swiss Court Prestir

Great value for money!

  • Weight: 410g

The K-Swiss Court Prestir is a great choice for players looking for a budget-friendly alternative. It has a classic leather styling with great comfort and performance. With K-EVA formula in the sole, this maximises the cushioning whilst increasing the durability of the sole. 

“A fantastic mid-priced shoe offering great durability and cushioning for the price!”

Reasons to buy: You're just getting into tennis and want a comfortable pair of shoes with minimal wear in. 
Reasons not to buy: You're happy to spend more to get top performance.  

PDH Offer
£63.75 £75.00

Prices may vary from the time of publication.

5 May 2022

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