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Top Ten Tennis shoes for 2024

Check out our expert selections for the best tennis shoes for 2024.

K-Swiss Defier RS

Adidas Barricade 13


Asics Gel Game 9

Asics Gel Resolution 9

Wilson Kaos Stroke 2.0

With many different models and brands of shoes, it is hard to know which to choose. To help you find the perfect tennis shoe the tennis experts have chosen our Top 10 Tennis Shoes of 2023.

1. Asics Gel Resolution 9

One of our bestselling high performance models year after year!

  • Weight: 395g

A clear customer favourite, the Asics Resolution series has been our bestselling intermediate shoe for years! With an improved midsole and ASICS's patented Gel Cushioning system providing optimal comfort, the latest version of the Gel Resolution 9 is the one of the highest performing shoes of 2024. Using PGuard technology you can be assured that these shoes also offer fantastic protection and durability in the key areas. Also available in Sapphire Black and Women's Pale Mint. 

“These sell out super fast every time we receive stock! One of our all time favourite tennis shoes loved by customers worldwide for durability and style!”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for a fantastic shoe offering cushioning, support and durability.
Reasons not to buy: You're more budget conscious. Try the Asics Gel Dedicate 8 instead!

PDH Offer
£114.75 £135.00

2. Wilson Rush Pro 4.0

Enhanced comfort and stability!

  • Weight: 340g

The Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 is the perfect shoe for the attacking baseline player. With the 4D Support Chassis, this shoe is designed to propel you to reach every shot whilst also adding lateral stability. The Energy Cell technology uses a lightweight EVA foam to help you move quickly whilst still offering great cushioning. Also available in a Clay version which can be used on sand-based and padel courts: Rush Pro 4.0 Clay

“I absolutely love the look of these shoes and they are a great choice for baseline players”

Reasons to buy: You want a well cushioned shoe that offers great stability.
Reasons not to buy: You prefer a low to the ground feel.

PDH Offer
£85.90 £125.00

3. Adidas Baaricade 13

Great choice for agile players!

  • Weight: 350g

The Adidas Barricade has always been a popular choice, with the new updated design, this model offers great torsional stability and improved cushioning in the midsole. With Geofit Sensepods in the heel, this shoe offers a snug feel, so you can chase down every ball. Also available in Black

“The Barricades have always been a strong seller for us and they feel great on court!”

Reasons to buy: You're searching for a good-looking shoe which will give you a secure fit and support quick movements. 
Reasons not to buy: You're new to the game and looking for a shoe to get you started. Check out the Adidas Courtflash Speed

PDH Offer
£110.49 £130.00

4. K-Swiss Speedex

Club player favourite!

  • Weight: 355g

With a breathable mesh upper, the K-Swiss Speedex HB is the perfect choice for the club player. The light wiehgt design means you can quickly get to every ball. These shoes have a herringbone sole so are perfect for sand or clay based courts.

“A great lightweight shoe, designed for club players!"

Reasons to buy: You're a casual player looking for a great looking shoe at a great price!
Reasons not to buy: You're an advanced player looking for a high performance shoe. Check out the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 2. 

PDH Offer
£72.25 £85.00

5. Babolat Jet Mach 3

Superb shock absorption!

  • Weight: 310g

Designed in collaboration with Michelin for maximum durability. Always popular with our customers, the 2024 Babolat Jet Mach 3 is lighter than previous models to allow for quicker and more precise movements. With Matryx® technology to offer improved stability and cushioning. Also available in Wide

“Packed with technologies, this a really high performing shoe which looks great too!"

Reasons to buy: You're looking for fantastic traction and cushion!
Reasons not to buy: You're looking all these features plus even more support. Why not check out the Babolat Propulse Fury 3

PDH Offer
£114.75 £135.00

6. Asics Gel Challenger 14
Great choice for the club player

  • Weight: 370g

With Asics' Trusstic technology, the Asics Gel Challenger 14 offers excellent grip and helps to prevent twisting in the midsole. An anti-gravel tongue helps prevent debris from entering the shoe. With a rubber outsole which makes it suitable for all court types. Clay Version also available. 

“A great mid-priced shoe which offers great durability and comfort”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for a classic looking shoe with great feel!
Reasons not to buy: You're happy to spend more on the top performance model. Check out the Asics Gel Solution Speed FF 2!

PDH Offer
£89.25 £105.00

7. K-Swiss Defier RS

Best-selling wide-fit shoe!

  • Weight: 425g

The K-Swiss Defier RS is one of our best selling wide fitting shoes, which many customers buy year after year. With a classic partly leather construction and TecTuff high-abrasion material for great durability. The Aosta 7.0 Herringbone outsole means these shoes are suitable for all court types, especially clay or sand-based courts. Also available in White Black and White Sachet Pink for Women. 

“K-Swiss' most popular model with a dedicated following. This shoe is consistently good and renowned for being hard-wearing!”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for a durable shoe with a wide fit.
Reasons not to buy: You're looking for a lightweight shoe for quick movements. Chech out the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2.

PDH Offer
£94.90 £125.00

8. Asics Gel Game 9

New improved breathability and cushioning!

  • Weight: 345g

A great choice for all player types, the Asics Gel Game 9 has lots of great technologies for a brilliant price. With an updated upper for increased breathability, this shoe offers great stability and performance, whilst maintaining the fit and comfort of the previous model. Also available in Women's

“This lightweight shoe performs brilliantly on court!”

Reasons to buy: You're looking for a lightweight shoe with great cushioning and feel.
Reasons not to buy: You're looking for a premium shoe and are happy to pay a little more to get a top of range model. 

PDH Offer
£59.99 £80.00

9. Babolat Jet Tere 2

Excellent traction and cushioning!

  • Weight: 315g

The Babolat Jet Tere is a great choice for the quick moving player. This shoe uses the Michelin Sole for increased resistance to increase the lifespan of your shoes, whilst the KPR-S technology in the heel gives a comfortable feel and softer impact. Also available in Women's

“If you're looking for a lightweight model, the Jet Tere is a great choice!”

Reasons to buy:  You're looking for a low profile, lightweight shoe.
Reasons not to buy:  You have a wider foot. Why not check out the Babolat Jet Mach 3 Wide?

PDH Offer
£84.99 £100.00

10. Wilson Kaos Stroke 2.0

Great value for getting into tennis!

  • Weight: 320g

If you're just starting out at tennis, then the Wilson Kaos Stroke 2.0 is a great choice. The mesh upper offers great breathability whilst still being extremely lightweight. A high density rubber outsole improves traction whilst also increasing durability. Also availalble in White Peacoat colourway. 

“With a classic look, this shoe is a brilliant option for the price!”

Reasons to buy: You're just starting your tennis career and looking for a great priced shoe!
Reasons not to buy: You've been playing for a while and are looking for an even more advanced shoe to help you take your game to the next level. 

PDH Offer
£48.99 £70.00

A UK size 8 was used for the weight of one shoe given above. Weights may vary slightly. Prices may change from the time of publication.

19 March 2024

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