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Ashaway Badminton Rackets review

Ashaway Badminton Rackets review Check out our series of Ashaway badminton racket reviews.
Slim and versatile the Ashway Superlight 99SQ is easy to manoeuver and offers quick acceleration through the shuttle. It is light and quick to respond in defence or attack making it perfectly suited to the doubles player. The Ashaway Viper XT 1600 badminton racket is a strong and reliable racket, through an even balance and stiff shaft. The Ashaway Phantom Helix badminton racket is the latest in the Phantom range, which is slightly more flexible than the previous rackets. This racket uses the Phantom Airflow System is more aerodynamic so you can achieve a faster racket head speed. The Ashaway Phantom X Shadow badminton racket is perfect for the all round player. The medium flex and head heavy balance makes this racket good in both offensive and defensive play.

7 July 2019

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