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Tecnifibre Slash 130 Squash Racket Zoom Tecnifibre Slash 130 Squash Racket

Questions and answers

What is the balance? Head light or head heavy?
This racket has an even balance point.
What is the most powerful racket in the Slash range please ?
The most powerful racket in the Slash range would be the Slash 135 gram as it is the heaviest weight, with a slightly larger head size.
I currently use a Tecnifibre Suprem 130. Would this be a good upgrade?
Yes, this the newer version of the Suprem. So would have a similar feel but with newer technology for better performance.

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Larger head size for increased power!
  • Englarged sweet spot for easy playability
  • Pre-strung in Tecnifibre 305 for explosive power
  • Designed with Mostafa Asal for powerful play
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Tecnifibre Slash 130 Squash Racket
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£135.00 £103.99 22% off

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The all-new Slash range by Tecnifibre for 2023. Developed with world number 1 (April 2023) Mostafa Asal to harness the powerful style of play.

The 130 has been engineered with an empathise on providing the player with an easily accessible high level of power. A bigger and longer 485cm2 headsize (compared to 461cm2 for the 120 version) increases string elasticity, allowing the player to generate more power on each shot. Combined with an oversized shaft size of 390mm2 (versus 261mm2 for 120 version), an enlarged frame geometry cross-section, and with a smaller yoke area for more stiffness, it all comes together to provide a racket with high levels of easily accessible power and an enlarged sweetspot for easy of play.

Complete with the revolutionary X-Top technology, as featured on the hugely successful Carboflex range that was inspired by Mohamed El Shorbagy. A patented technology allows the removal of the bumper’s plastic inactive material at the top of the racket, instead utilising 100% active fibres. Aramid fibres (as used in bulletproof vests) are weaved within the graphite for maximum shock resistance, along with a PTFE (Teflon) treatment increasing the sliding effect on walls for maximum abrasion resistance. The new mix of materials provides even more resistance than a traditional bumper. The X-Top has been extended further to 4 and 7 o’clock on the Slash rackets for even more protection!

Unique to Tecnifibre rackets is that they come pre-strung in a premium Tecnifibre string. The Slash range is perfectly paired with 305, the string of choice for generations of the world’s top players. Featuring PU400 technology for a full saturation of polyurethane (PU) through the thousands of fibres inside for 400% elasticity. The result - explosive power, unrivalled comfort, and the highest levels of control.

The Slash range features an all-white design that is synonymous with Tecnifibre rackets with a bold, modern green reminiscent of its topselling predecessor the Suprem. Finished with a Tecnifibre Squash Feel Grip for a comfortable and tacky feel.

Additional Information

PDH Product Code:RSTE32164
FactoryStrings:Tecnifibre 305
Head size (cm):485 cm
Stringing pattern:14 x 18
Unstrung weight:130 grams


  • Paul K 18 April 2024
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    I couldn’t decide between carboflex X-too 130 or the Slash 130, so ordered both on 10 day trial. So my comparison of the rackets, I found the carboflex to be much more balanced, the slash felt slightly head heavy on comparison. The Slash 130 back hand shots for me were a dream and delivered with more accuracy & power. But Forehand shots, and this could be me, I felt vibrations through the shaft into the handle. I also noted fair bit of movement with the green strings, where the carboflex VP string remained solid and unmoved. Overall the carboflex I felt was more balanced, delivers similar if not the same power both forehand and backhand, tho the slash just edged it on backhand , but the carboflex x-top 130 just felt more comfortable (no vibrations) and forgiving. My outgoing racket is a carboflex x-top 135.

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