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Ashaway Oblivion Squash String Hybrid 110m Reel Zoom Ashaway Oblivion Squash String Hybrid 110m Reel

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High Power/Less Shock!
  • New Hybrid Squash string from Ashaway
  • Power fusion crosses + Powernick 18 in mains
  • High Power + Low Shock
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Ashaway Oblivion Squash String Hybrid 110m Reel
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Brand new to the market, Ashaway have produced a hybrid squash string. The Powerfusion cross-strings have been specifically designed to compliment the firm feeling Powernick 18 mains strings. By adding softness & feel to a firm and powerful main string, Powerfusion technology produces the ultimate squash string bed.


MAINS Mains String: Powernick 18 Diameter: 1.15mm Length: 55m Colour: Red


Cross String: Powerfusion Diameter: 1.20mm Length: 55m Colour: White

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PDH Product Code:SSAS115994


  • Paul H (PDHSports Team) 23 October 2019
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    This is a very light string which I felt changed the balance slightly in my racket. The Ashaway Oblivion hybrid string has a lot of power and good feel on your shorts shots, very consistent feedback on every hit, my drops are better than ever since i switched to this string. The string grips the ball well but this will cause your strings to move around, this has eased the more I played with it. I had mixed feeling about the string, I absolutely love the way it plays but prefered the look of black strings in my racket, however i have now got over this and absolutely love this string. After 3 matches I now think this could be the best string I have ever used :)

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